Do you have a Succession Plan or a Buy/Sell Agreement for your Jewelry Business?

Succession Planning / Buy-Sell Agreement Workshop

Dan Pharr, President of Pharr Valuation, Inc will be leading a workshop on writing your own Succession Plan / Buy-Sell agreement. This workshop will focus on the basics of Succession Plans and Buy/Sell agreements. Participants will modify a template Succession Plan / Buy-Sell Agreement to develop a plan unique to their own needs and specifications. …

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Succession Planning / Gift and Estate Tax Considerations

Many companies within the jewelry industry are closely held, family owned businesses. As the owners approach retirement age and older, there becomes a need for succession planning to both insure an orderly transition and to minimize gift and estate taxes. You need to involve an attorney knowledgeable in gift and estate tax planning, your accountant and an accredited valuation analyst.

How to keep your banker happy

In recent years, bankers have grown less interested in the jewelry industry, and the economic crisis and industry downturn made them even more selective about existing and new customers. Bank of America exited the gold and precious-metals leasing side of the banking business several years ago when it sold that division to The Bank of …

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Selling Your Business

Given the impact of recent and continuing economic conditions on the jewelry industry and the decrease in value of many companies and companies related to our industry, many business owners are considering the option of selling their business. This is especially true if the owner has no children or other relatives who are interested in …

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Who Wants It? Who Needs It? What’s Involved?

Who Wants It? – The answer to this question is easy and straight forward. For the most part, no one really wants one. They are generally not inexpensive, and in the case of gifting or estate planning or estate taxes are a necessary evil at best.